2021 PLL Major League Rosters
VFW-Manager: Mike Welc
Assistant: Jon Whitmarsh
Michael Welc
Michael Karam
Isaiah Hendrix
Deacon Whitmarsh
Maxwell Coryer
Xander Yu
Lukas Kowalowski
Logan Estes
Sam Estes
Josiah Wineglass
Zachary Moore
Evan Schofield

PEPSI-Manager: Matt Brown
Assistants: David Betrus & Troy Anderson
Cal Anderson
Ryan Colburn
Finley Coon
Grady LaVarnway
Alexander Hanshaw
Henry Betrus
Jacob Supernault
Ryan Brown
Nico Custode
Ashleigh Hanshaw
Connor Lafty

NUWAY CARWASH-Manager: Scott McCormick
Assistants: Mark Sand & Stephen Imhoff
Katie McCormick
Max Underwood
Robert Squier
Bryson Recore
Evan Imhoff
Sullivan Loughan
Colby Chase
Tyler Sand
Isaac Devine
Matthew Owen
Carter Abramczyk
Matthew Whitbeck

CITY POLICE-Manager: Dominick Bordeau
Assistants: Roger Browne & Izaiah Browne
Kallen Abernethy
Evan Whalen
Noah Terry
Brody MacCumber
Owen Dubay
Gabriel Dolan
Raif Lautenschuetz
Cooper Holland
Dominick LaBombard
Jake Maggy
Rhys Goerlitz-Coryer
Derrick Gommel

MICHIGAN'S PLUS-Manager: Glenn Engstrom
Assistants: Larry Cooney, Brendan McBride
Drew Engstrom
Hunter Adams
Sean McBride
Bryce Cooney
Brody Blaise-Smith
Sam Secore
Rigby Fries
Drew Bartlett
Keegan Theriault
Corey Paul Johnson
Andrew E. Price
Ian Ecker

CSEA Local #884-Manager: Ryon O'Connell
Assistant: Bryan Rankin
Colin Walker
Owen Rankin
Keith Brawn
Carson LaDue
Quinn Isaak
Beckett Isaak
Evan Guynup
Alexis Blake
Maverick Martin
Easton O'Connell
Brayden St. John

McSweeney's-Manager: Brandon Smith
Assistants: Nich Moore, Matt Nolan
Kayden Smith
Gabe Moore
Linden Nolan
Rylan Steele
Gavin Sypak
Peyton Davidson
Camdan Seymour
Braxton Seymour
Wyatt Barton
Owen Howard
Wyatt LaVigne
Garrison Rodriguez

Player Registration Form: Please fill out the Player Registration and Medical Release Forms and Return with a $95 check payable to Plattsburgh Little League.

Medical Release Form: Please fill out and return the Medical Release Form.

Registration Fee: Player Registration is $95. Please make Checks payable to PLATTSBURGH LITTLE LEAGUE.

Volunteer Application-Mandatory each year for all new and returning Managers, Coaches, Assistants, and all other Adults working with the Program. 

2021 Age Chart: September 1 is the Key date. 
7 year old-9/1/2013-8/31/2014
8 year old-9/1/2012-8/31/2013
9 year old-9/1/2011-8/31/2012
10 year old-9/1/2010-8/31/2011
11 year old-9/1/2009-8/31/2010
12 year old-9/1/2008-8/31/2009

Players that are Little League Age 7 & 8 must play MINORS. Players that are ages 9, 10, & 11* can choose to try out for the Majors or stay in the Minors. 
(* at the League's Discretion for Safety-Please don't stay down to "Dominate The Minors"). 
The Minors are INSTRUCTIONAL. The Majors are COMPETITIVE.

If you have any questions or need to make Financial Arrangements, please contact me.

Mike Bordeau
Plattsburgh Little League President


  • Plattsburgh Little League is located in Clinton County, NY
  • P.L.L. has been officially chartered with Little League since 1957.  
  • P.L.L. is a proud member of NY State District #37
  • P.L.L. is open to students 7-12 years-old that  attend the following schools districts: Plattsburgh, Beekmantown, Peru, Saranac, Seton

Contact Us:  League President Mike Bordeau.   Email: [email protected]

Effective on January 1, 2018, Little League Baseball will adhere to the new USABat standard. No bats previously approved for use in Little League play will be permitted to be used in any Little League game or practice, or other Little League function, event, or activity. 

CLICK HERE for more info


Out-of-Boundary Waivers have been granted in the past. The P.L.L. board reviews each one on a year-to-year and case-by-case. All waivers are ultimately approved by Little League International headquarters in Williamsport, P.A. Out-of-boundary players are not allowed to participate in the Little League Tournament (i.e. world series).  Little League states that boundaries maintain community and hometown spirit.  
Out-Of-Boundary waiver requests can be emailed to: [email protected]
Here are some important points all parents and leagues should know about waivers:
  • When a request is first brought up, the local league Board of Directors votes on whether or not to request the waiver.
  • If the local league Board of Directors votes to request the waiver, the President writes a letter, detailing the request. Supporting documents should be attached, and forwarded to the local District Administrator.
  • The District Administrator includes his/her written opinion, and forwards all documents to the Regional Director.
  • The Regional Director will then present the situation to Little League International’s Charter Committee for action. The Charter Committee reviews all the information and uses past precedent to help guide its decision.
  • The Charter Committee will alert the Regional Director of its decision, and the Regional Director will inform the District Administrator, who will then relay the decision to the local league.
  • If a waiver is granted, the adjustment is only for the current season.